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AGC Flat Glass Europe DRH: to employ new talent

The context
Glaverbel, now renamed AGC Flat Glass Europe, is one of the leading flat glass producers in Europe. The recruitment of the best talent is a key in remaining a leading innovative company.




The challenge
Glaverbel was a well-known brand with a very good and strong image. The new name AGC is still unknown and it’s therefore necessary:
  • to communicate intensely, and particularly for recruitment purposes
  • to attract the best candidates.




The solution
  • Production of a video clip presented at recruitment fairs. The clip was designed to inspire emotion and friendship. Some young employees were interviewed to show their vision of their job and life at AGC. Besides a serious approach, the video also gives a light-hearted view through a “best of” at the end.
    The objectives are:
    - to discover the variety of jobs within the worldwide group and the pride in working for AGC
    - to highlight the innovative culture, creativity and drive
    - to understand the special social interaction in AGC.
  • Online personal invitation
  • Brochure distributed at recruitment fairs.

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