about us

Corporate, B-to-B, internal and institutional communication.
Since 1984, Chris has become one of the leading corporate communication agencies in Belgium. Developing sharp expertise working for the largest Belgian and international companies and institutions. The Chris team has total in-house control over the entire process of creating printed and multimedia communications: consultancy, concept, copywriting, design, images, prepress, printing, web publishing and more.

Precision & Conviction
Taking the long view, Chris has joined forces with partner companies to patiently build up an image and a showcase for their expertise, both of which are essential for establishing a sustainable relationship based on confidence with their target groups. With precision and vision. Passion and conviction.
Creativity &

Constant evolution, adaptation, exploration and anticipation have always been key. New technologies have been a major driver in our business. But the fundamentals that underlie our approach to communication have not changed a bit. We’ve never been an “off-the-rack” agency. For us it is all about creating a custom fit. Creativity is our vocation.
Multiple-play expertise
Awareness campaigns, annual reports, brochures, websites, newsletters, movies, events. By providing optimum management of complementary multimedia tools, Chris fashions the image and conveys a consistent message for its clients. Now more than ever, our business consists of building links. Reinventing media, orchestrating areas of agreement and correspondence, unifying energies and synergies.